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Zebralette MARS

Zebralette MARS


Synthmorph's next pack is Zebralette MARS, a soundset for the free vst synth u-he Zebralette. This compilation contains not just 70 crafted presets but 15 highly tweaked Synthmorph MIDI sequences in order to create some modulation magic not easy to achieve any other way.

These morphing transitions affect not just standard parameters like Spectral FX settings or attack, decay, sustain or release, but alter even multiple other synthesis and effect attributes simultaneously like delay filter, feedback, x-back, etc. over time, resulting a special animated character and mood in the final audio. 

A large amount of time spent experimenting and building the patches and the morphing MIDI sequences up to the momentum. Just listen to some of the MIDIs' like the dawn of the red planet (PAD Wandering Sirens), melancholic modular-esque arpeggios (KEY Slow Emo, KEY Fragile), 'virus infection' in the thin atmosphere (??!, PAD Enterior), swirling wavetable textures (KEY Regeneration) and even an angry monster screaming when waking up from his aeon sleep (SFX Annnyyya).

Zebralette playing a Synthmorph sequence

Zebralette MARS Synthmorph sequences

These may provide you a pleasing starting point for more sound design experimentation (as you can modify every aspect of these MIDI files) and also a faster way to write unique music. If you are into the broadcast, film, television or game industry you may find that mood among the MIDI sequences that matches to your actual need, but you'll find plenty of presets for electronic genres as well.

Buy this super-affordable package and start further experimentation NOW!

Content Details:

  • 70 categorized and tagged presets in native .h2p format
  • 15 Synthmorph morphing sequences both in MIDI and mp3
  • video tutorial + PDF manual on installation and usage tips

Preset Categories:

  • 14 Arp
  • 7 Bass
  • 12 Key
  • 8 Lead
  • 12 Pad
  • 5 Seq
  • 12 SFX 


  • for single user
  • 100% royalty-free for home or commercial use.


u-he Zebralette is available as a FREE synth as part of the main Zebra2 download package.

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