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Diva Chomolungma

Diva Chomolungma


Chomolungma — the ambiguous mountain that can be lethal or the source of the highest spiritual experiment, climb up its top but fall down any second, breathe the cleanest air in the world or experience the deadly anhelation at the peak.

The U-he Diva soundset Diva Chomolungma elevates you to this pinnacle of aesthetics, by helping you to create your own sonic universe.

Duality of the highest mountain expressed in the presets as well:

  • The 'light part' consists of liquid, organic and fairy Diva presets with a light touch of dreamy vibratos, tremolos, evocative yet a bit unstable cinematic textures at times.
  • The 'dark part' contains automatic electronic sequences, the clattering of automated factories or the sounds of numbing drones, often with a dramatic vibe. 

Diva Chomolungma is aimed to provide you instant gratification by inspiring you to play live these expressive Diva patches, forgetting you are sitting in front of a DAW. Playability, smooth operation and attention to details were all important factors when making Chomolungma presets. 

Performance control

Practically all these U-he Diva sounds can be controlled real-time with mod wheel, sometimes with velocity and aftertouch — always try them while playing! Hence, this U-he Diva soundbank is ideal for film scoring, game or commercial projects, besides it perfectly fits for any music genre these days.  

Synthmorph sequences

As divas tend to surprise us occasionally, u-he Diva is not different — she will show you her new, undiscovered side through the use of the 10 Synhtmorph MIDI sequences! There are 15-35 continuously morphing parameters per sequence, boosting the quite a bit organic character of Diva to the extreme.

Any Synthmorph sequence is a brilliant source of saving dozens of great sounding snapshots as brand new and unique Diva patches, varying the MIDI notes, transpose or fit them to your song scales / chords, or just use it as a hook for your next track.

Diva Synthmorph in action

 Diva combined with a Synthmorph sequence

Diva Chomolungma Synthmorph sequences

To sum it up, these are playful, inspiring and evocative Diva synth sounds with vivid and unique Synthmorph sequences for your next composition.

Dive into the delicate and memorable sonic world of Diva Chomolungma now!

Content Details

  • 70 U-he Diva presets
  • presets are available in two formats: .h2p and .nksf (Native Instrument NKS)
  • all presets are commented, categorized and tagged
  • 10 full morphing Synthmorph sequences for Diva both in MIDI and WAV
  • video tutorial + PDF manual on installation and usage tips


  • 13 Arp
  • 4 Bass
  • 3 Chord
  • 24 Key
  • 4 Lead
  • 13 Pad
  • 10 SFX patches


  • for single user
  • 100% royalty-free for home or commercial use.


  • U-he Diva 1.4.2 (Rev5541) or later

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