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Massive Biomorph

Massive Biomorph


Massive Biomorph is not 'just another Massive soundset', but the result of a new sound design approach, focusing on the extreme morphing capabilities of Native Instrument Massive. 

Interested? Go on.

This is the concept behind this Massive expansion:
NI Massive is one of the few synths on the market that allows you to create exceptional morphing sounds thanks to its modulation system. However, the eight macro knob is a bit clumsy and often inefficient to use.

Watch the video below to get insight about the method we used instead:

These complex Massive presets get more interesting when you start moving the modwheel – any preset could be morphed between different sonic snapshots, defined by your smooth or jumpy modwheel playing style and multiplying the number of available patch variations. This implementation of 'morphing of all active parameters' (between 15-45 parameters, depending on patch, with a single twist of the modwheel) is first in the market and exclusive to Massive Biomorph currently.

These Massive presets are great for hybrid electronic scoring, game music, commercials or smooth stratospheric electronica. A must have for the modern film, game and broadcast composers or any musician who want previously unheard, smooth and expressive morphing sound easily out of Massive.

You'll find lively raw basslines, smooth and dreamy arpeggios, organic keys, tricky atmospheric pads driven by network of modulators – but the main point is: each preset comes with its own multifaceted personality.

As usual, the additional 20 Synthmorph MIDI sequences are also part of the package to showcase the further morphing capabilities of the Massive patches (sometimes even mixing the internal morphing with additional multiple external MIDI modulations!), always producing ear-pleasing soundscapes for all kind of moods.

Massive combined with a Synthmorph sequence

Massive Biomorph Synthmorph sequences

So...would you like to get acquainted with the incredible morphing capabilities of Massive beyond the dubstep growls?

Would you like to play expressive sounds, animating 30-40 parameters simultaneously, just by moving the modwheel and yet staying within the 'usable sound' domain?

Then Massive Biomorph is the perfect candidate for your 'secret sound' collection!

It is available as an instant download at a very affordable price, so get it now.

Content Details:

  • 50 full morphing Massive presets (with many musically useful intermediate states)
  • all .nmsv format presets are categorized, tagged and commented 
  • 20 detailed Synthmorph morphing sequences for Massive, both in MIDI and WAV formats
  • video tutorial + PDF manual on installation and usage tips


  • 6 Bass
  • 5 Lead
  • 11 Pad
  • 17 Pluck
  • 8 Key
  • 5 FX


  • for single user
  • 100% royalty-free for home or commercial use.


Native Instrument Massive 1.5.1 or later

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