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Virus FM Power

Virus FM Power


Virus FM Power is not just a distinct soundset of 94 presets based on FM synthesis capabilities of Access Virus, but also contains 20 special morphing Synthmorph MIDI sequences.

Although the classic Access Virus B and Virus C are primarily virtual analog synthesizers, they are armed with a simple two-operator FM mode applying frequency modulation synthesis. Despite this simple 'pseudo-FM' structure, Virus uses some clever methods to extend the range of possible FM sounds into its own unique territory of amazing sonic landscapes.

As this synthesizer has a special frequency modulation character, it proved to be a rewarding idea to dig deep into this part of the Virus and making presets using its FM-only features. What does it mean? The filters are usually completely off (as the original Yamaha DX7 did not have a filter at all), but the unison modes, the arpeggiator and the otherwise powerful distortion are hardly used too. Even the built-in effects were used differently – they are disabled most often!

The idea was to create pure, punchy, bright FM sounds. While the presets were inspired by some classic FM presets, a Virus always encourages you to break the rules and create something beyond the ordinary: you can use these sounds not just for synthwave, ambient, techno, edm, pop, psy, house or trap, but basically for any purpose.

The sonic palette is varied: deep and raspy FM basses, crystal clear keys, tinkling mono leads, animated pads and sharp plucks, often spiced up with some irregular yet controlled atonal, aliased, and droning nature.

As a bonus, you'll get a dozen of shrill effects designed for psy trance, to satisfy your hunger for psy frogs:

The majority of presets are controllable by the modulation wheel where appropriate, to add slight variations for the sounds.

The Virus FM Power pack also includes 20 complex 'mood creator' Synthmorph MIDI sequences. They demonstrate the massive sonic range of the Virus synths and the 5-25 conscious parameter automations transform these MIDI riffs into vivid and emotional animated textures. Use these Synthmorph sequences as is, tweak them or apply them to another preset – they are utterly flexible!

Virus driven by a Synthmorph sequence

Virus FM Power Synthmorph sequences

The presets were developed and tested on Virus Powercore and Virus b models. It means that these sounds are fully compatible with all later Virus models as well, including the TDM Indigo / Classic / C / TI / TI2 / Snow range. These patches are not fully compatible with Virus A and Virus Rack Classic.

Download demo:

Please note: it contains 10 presets without any of the Synthmorph sequences above

Download Virus FM Power Demo

Content Details:

  • 94 categorized Access Virus presets in *.mid format
  • 20 Synthmorph sequences in MIDI and mp3
  • video tutorial + PDF manual on installation and usage tips


  • 29 Bass
  • 18 Key
  • 7 Lead
  • 12 Pad
  • 16 Pluck
  • 12 PsyFX


  • for single user
  • 100% royalty-free for home or commercial use.


Access Virus B / Classic / C / TI / TI2 / Snow / Virus Powercore / Indigo TDM synthesizer

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