Organic MIDI & Preset Design for Synthesizers
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Synthmorph offers

  1. custom preset design
  2. dynamic morphing preset design
  3. Synthmorph MIDI tune up services
  4. atmospheric soundscape / texture design

to create your unique sound, all at affordable rates. 

If you are an electronic instrument developer (hardware / software), a film, gamemedia composer or a musician, leave the pain of the complex preset creation process to us and enjoy the process of writing using only carefully selected sound for your project.

Synthmorph studio 01

Blaise is a specialist in the development and creation of morphing synthesizer presets and morphing soundscape design using his own self-developed custom tools. He also created thousands of unique synth and sampler patches in the last 15 years for his music endeavors, including synthesizer factory presets for some companies. For more info, check the About section. 

Synthmorph studio 02

What you can expect:

  • Always original sounds, tailored for the required mood / vibe.
  • Full availability and consultation throughout the process.
  • Exclusive / non-exclusive options.
  • Affordable, project-based pricing.

1. Custom Preset Design

  • You define the mood / vibe / inspiration and the type of patches you need. 
  • You get only what you need: no filler presets, so you can focus on writing.
  • Presets are made in batches of 50 (50, 100, 150 etc.)
  • Synthesizers currently available for custom preset design are:
    • u-he Diva
    • u-he Repro
    • u-he Zebralette
    • Steinberg HALion 6
    • Steinberg Retrologue 2
    • VPS Avenger
    • Access Virus B / Virus Powercore
    • NI Massive
    • NI Monark
    • Waldorf Largo 
    • Waldorf PPG 3.v
    • Waldorf Nave
    • LennarDigital Sylenth1
    • Ichiro Toda Synth1
  • Other synthesizers may be available by individual request.

2. Custom Dynamic Morphing Preset Design

  • For capable instruments only:
    • VPS Avenger
    • NI Massive
    • Steinberg Retrologue 2
    • Clavia Nord Lead 2 / 2X
  • Dynamic two-states morphing variations are included in the patches, usually modulating 30-50 parameters assigned to a single MIDI controller (typically the modwheel) with several intermediary sweet spots.
  • Much more expressive than a conventional preset.
  • Expect longer delivery.
  • For sample, see Massive Biomorph

3. Synthmorph MIDI Tune Up

  • Applying the Synthmorph concept to your MIDI file to make a difference and to create that unique emotional impact. 
  • You send me your single track MIDI file (and the synthesizer preset had you one) with some instruction regarding the required mood. As a result, you'll get an improved morphing Synthmorph MIDI file with lots of parallel automations expressing the required vibe within the context of the audio story. Due to the subjective nature of this field, some revisions are possible.
  • The type of transitions is to be discussed (from subtle to drastic, from super fine continuous morphing to more abrupt rhythmic variations, etc.)

    Synthmorph u-he Diva sequence

    u-he Diva driven by a controlled Synthmorph sequence

  • It is possible to create multi-track Synthmorph MIDI files, contact me for more details. 
  • To get an idea about the Synthmorph sequences, listen to some A / B comparisons - the first is always the original MIDI file, and after the short silence you'll hear the tuned up Synthmorph MIDI version. Both are using exactly the same patch, the difference is the additional MIDI controller data in the second versions:

A/B comparison of MIDI vs. Synthmorph MIDI version

4. Atmospheric Soundscape / Texture Design

All details are individual for every soundscape project. Listen to an example here - this is a quite dark sounding one, using the sounds of Virus Dark Cinematics:


If you are interested please contact me through the Contact page