Organic MIDI & Preset Design for Synthesizers
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What is Synthmorph?
A brand for making expressive sounds + sequence combinations for synthesizers.
What genres can I use these for?
Certain genres work well only with simple static sounds (most of dance oriented styles), yet there are many others (like cinematic, film, game, movie, ambient, chillout and many more) that performs better with animated, emotional sounds where you instantly recall a kind of mood. However I find a bit restrictive to match certain type of presets to certain genres (it all depends on how you use a preset after all), Synthmorph sequences and presets are good for genres that make use of the evolving, expressive, organic, breathing, soulful, sometimes metallic and overall morphing type of sounds.
What am I buying excatly?
By purchasing a Synthmorph product you get the synthesizer presets and several MIDI files with multiple lanes of modulations that can be worked together resulting in a unique sound. Not all presets have corresponding MIDI files, please always check the actual product description for more details.
The Synthmorph sequence demos sound nice, but can I make them on my own?
In the past, it might have happened to you that you bought a great soundset but you could not replicate the sound you heard in that spectacular demo song. This is not the case with a Synthmorph product - you get everything to exactly replicate what you hear in the audio demo. You can even modify it to your liking, experiment and dig into the instrument better.
Hey, this is a preset + MIDI file... what is this buzz all about?
The final product is simplified to the degree that anyone with a DAW and the particular synthesizer can use it, in addition this provides full compatibility. The complex theory behind took much longer to research and the outcome is more advanced compared to preset-only products. You can read more technical details about it here: the Synthmorph concept
How can I use the sounds?
You may use the content of these soundsets without any additional cost in your own productions, including library/production music, as long as the content is not used in isolation.
What license do I get when purchasing your product?
All licenses are single-user licenses and are valid for the customer who purchase the license from Synthmorph. The contents of these soundsets are licensed, not sold to you. Ownership remains with Synthmorph.
What happens when I buy a product?
After the purchase you are redirected to the download page and you will also get an email with your individual download link and the invoice. Then you can download the complete product as a compressed zip file.