Organic MIDI & Preset Design for Synthesizers
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My name is Blaise, I am a sound designer and musician who started composing 20 years ago using an Amiga 500 computer. Later I got into the magic world of synthesizers by getting my first synthesizer, a Korg 05R/W module. Discovering the heart and soul of an electronic instrument was always an implicit process for me, and this knowledge helps me to make synthesizer sounds very fluently, also find it one of the most amusing job in life.

I have been making factory sounds for Steinberg, Waldorf, Vengeance and Softube synthesizers, and you can expect several more Synhtmorph sets from me.

Blaise Ita in the Synthmorp studio

Playing in my old studio (2001)

The early years allowed me to develop and combine certain techniques one may consider a "lost art" today like writing small applications to drive instruments via SysEx in unusal ways or making sophisticated control panels using the built-in features of DAW's that inspired me to create unique sounds for my own use.

Today when making a synthesizer patch, I do not want to recreate the general type of instrument presets, nor I want to recreate the favourite standard sounds of the past and present repeatedly. There are literally hundreds of great presets available in factory sets made by talented preset designers that match all these criteria.

Blaise Ita Synthmorph

My focus is on sonic ideas those do not exist yet, placing my standard into the focus: 'may this sound create an emotional impact to the listener?' While this is rather subjective factor, I try to achieve this result using a combined method in form of custom presets + Synthmorph MIDI sequences surpassing the limitations of the usual preset design. This Synthmorph concept may lead you to organic, inspiring and previously unheard morphing sonic territories you can use, control and experiment with.