Organic MIDI & Preset Design for Synthesizers
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Synthmorph sound sets for synthesizers are the symbiosis of unique MIDI sequences and related synth presets with matching parameter set constituting a morphing, expressive sound together. Each sequence + synth preset blend is full of momentum, as dozens of parameters are being animated real-time in certain combinations to get a unique still musical result.
A Synthmorph morphing MIDI sequence in action

What are the advantages of a Synthmorph soundset?

  • It always starts with presets designed up to the finest details. 
  • Next, the included Synthmorph MIDI sequences come with an extra level of advanced controllerism, giving you another layer of subtle (or not so subtle) motion using up to 4-20 modulated parameters. As an outcome you'll get evolving sounds with continuous morphing motion, resulting in vibrant, strange and often unexpected mood.
  • You can use the sequences in their original form for your production or modify them to your liking or even make them an instant hook for your song.
  • Unlike audio loops and samples, you can fine-tune and customize all aspects of your sound: the instrument preset, the notes of the MIDI sequence and the embedded set of modulated parameters.
  • Learn from the included Synthmorph sequences to create your pro sounding phrases.
  • Provides instant gratification: bend, twist and personalize the Synthmorph morphing sequences to match the feel of your song, so you can be proud of creating your own original sound than a clone of an existing idea.
  • It can be applied to nearly any MIDI instruments (hw or software) in any DAW, and more will follow, stay tuned!
  • Perfect for any genre that requires more than just static sounds.
You can read more about the Synthmorph concept here.

Who is this for?

  • Film, commercial, library, game or any media composers who need unique and customizable yet dynamic sound.
  • Any musician who prefer to use dynamic sounds instead of static ones.
  • Any producer who likes to improvise and experiment into new directions using their current setup.